Women’s Health In The Mountains

I’m on a mission to help women optimise their health before and during mountain adventures. After the positive reviews from my first online course, An Introduction To Humans At High Altitude, I’m creating a second course about women’s health on mountain adventures and at high altitude. 

Information specific to women is becoming more easily available and better advertised, which is fantastic. I want to take this further, offering a resource where all the information is in one place and where evidence based medicine is presented in practical terms for everyone to understand and benefit from.

Like my first online course, I’ll present the facts and advice in bitesize, pre-recorded videos with written information and resources too, on a platform where you can learn at your own pace, whenever you want to.

The course will cover:

  1. The Menstrual Cycle & Managing Menstruation In The Mountains
  2. Contraception And Menstrual Suppression – Options & Altitude Travel
  3. Altitude Physiology & Illness: Differences Between Men & Women
  4. Nutrition For Women In The Mountains
  5. Breast Health & Mountains Adventures
  6. Psychology: Considerations For Women Adventurers
  7. Pregnancy, Postpartum & Breastfeeding: Mountain & High Altitude Adventures
  8. Postmenopausal Women: Mountain & High Altitude Adventures
  9. Women Specific Equipment For Mountain Adventures
  10. Women Specific & Common Medical Problems In The Mountains

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