My Resources

PDF: Pre-Expedition Medical  Screening Questionnaire РDr Hannah Lock

This is the pre-expedition medical screening questionnaire I designed and send to all expedition members before a trip. Please feel free to download and use it. See my blog on pre-expedition medical screening for more information.

PDF: Casualty Card – Dr Hannah Lock

This is the casualty card I designed and carry in case of emergencies on expedition or in the mountains. I print it on waterproof paper so it doesn’t smudge or tear easily. Please feel free to download and use it.

PDF: Travel At High Altitude Booklet – MEDEX

This booklet, written by MEDEX, is designed for lay people (non-medical professionals) so it includes lots of the important facts without over-medicalising the information. It explains how your body many change as it has to cope with high altitude. Importantly, it also covers the serious altitude illnesses.

PDF: Updated Guidance for Medical Provision for Wilderness Medicine

From the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care, Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh.