Feedback from a mountain medicine workshop:

"Thank you so much for running the session for us today, genuinely one of the best and most informative sessions I have received at medical school."
Callum Bayliss
UK, March 20212
Feedback from my 'Introduction to Expedition Medicine' webinar:

"Thanks again for an amazing and inspirational talk! I know that you have given me the bug to get out there and see how I can combine two passions (mountains and medicine), and the other attendees feel the same."
Warwick Wilderness Medicine Society
UK, April 2021
Feedback from a personal expedition planning consultation:

"Following a recent health scare and resulting surgery neither my consultant, nor GP were able to provide me specific advice or discuss with me what, if any implications there might be of my change in health status on my ability to take part in future high altitude adventures or any of the associated risks. I contacted Hannah and she was able to provide me with tailored advice on what my new health status might mean in terms of high altitude, the risks I need to consider and some potential risk mitigation strategies. It was great to talk through my concerns with someone so knowledgeable and see a potential route to doing the things I love in the future (which has been a real boost post surgery). It was also great to chat expeditions! I really appreciate the time Hannah took to talk through the specifics of my issue with me and for giving me the confidence to think about future adventures. I will definitely be asking for Hannah's advice as I plan my next high altitude adventure."
UK, May 2021

Feedback from expedition participants: 

“Hannah was a brilliant doctor who was always there to help with any problem we had no matter how big or small the issue was, very easy to communicate with and helped massively with helping us all summit.”
Hassan Mansur
Kilimanjaro Expedition 2018
“Enthusiasm and applied knowledge in abundance and what a sense of humour, just tremendous.”
Norman Davies
Stok Kangri Expedition 2019
“Worked like an absolute Trojan! Was always on hand to help and encourage you every step of the expedition. Put other people’s care before herself and always had a smile.”
Katherine Robinson
Kilimanjaro Expedition 2018
"My husband and I were delighted to find out that Hannah Lock would be the expedition doctor with us on the trek. We had a fair amount of aclimatization before heading to the higher altitudes but even with that the daily treks were often challenging. While I was working hard to keep a steady pace and breath carrying my daypack, Hannah carried her pack and the medicine kit and, bouncing from rock to rock, gave us delightful lectures about high altitude effects and training as an expedition doctor. These talks kept me going and helped me understand what was happening to my body. Hannah also took care of the altitude cough I developed and kept checking our blood oxygen levels. The best part of having Hannah was her positive attitude. She was fun and a part of the team."
Kirsi Tikka
Stok Kangri Expedition 2019
"Hannah was incredibly confident, knowledgable and welcoming. In addition to providing care for issues big and small, Hannah's enthusiasm and sense of humour shone through. As we made our way up the mountain she carefully explained the effects of high altitude on our bodies. I could not recommend Hannah more highly."
Ceara Burns
Stok Kangri Expedition 2019
“Could not be more grateful. Hannah got me to where I was, she knew what I was capable of and helped me get there!”
Sophie Woolls
Kilimanjaro Expedition 2018
"Quiet confidence shines through. When I met Hannah I immediately found her disarming, open, friendly and confident. I would happily book a trip again knowing that Hannah would be providing medical care."
Phil Stevens
Stok Kangri Expedition 2019